SEIU Local 284


Support Adjunct Faculty at Hamline U

On June 20, 2014, Hamline University adjunct faculty who teach undergraduate classes voted overwhelmingly to form a union. While we had many compelling reasons, first and foremost is that adjuncts at Hamline have not received a raise in 10 years, and in that time the $4000 per course salary of 2005 has lost $800 of buying power.
After over a year of bargaining toward our first contract, and sixteen months after we voted to form our union, Hamline's economic proposal would still leave adjuncts behind where we were 10 years ago, and up to 1/3 would see no raise at all.
Please sign this petition in support of adjunct faculty at Hamline University.
Adjunct faculty are essential to Hamline’s success. We contribute to both the breadth and quality of a Hamline education, and we are a vital part of the Hamline community. We have earned the respect and esteem of students and fulltime faculty alike. The administration, however, sends a very different message.
Hamline claims it is committed “to make a lasting difference in the world” and that it aspires to “the highest standards for … social justice, civic responsibility, and inclusive leadership and service.” Unfortunately, that commitment has not been reflected in its treatment of adjuncts over the past decade, and it remains absent in their economic demands.
Please sign this petition in support of adjunct faculty at Hamline University: I support the value of the work adjuncts do in each course they teach to make the mission of Hamline a reality, and I call on the University to reach a contract settlement with the Adjunct Faculty that reflects Hamline’s mission, values and vision.